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Education around the world

Every nation in the world is equipped with some form of education system, though   those systems vary greatly. The major factors that affect education systems are   the  resources and money that are utilized to support those systems in different   nations. As you might expect, a country’s wealth has much to do with the amount   of money spent on education.

International differences in education systems are not solely a financial issue. The   value placed on education, the amount of time devoted to it, and the distribution of   education within a country also play a role in those differences. Australia is one of   those nations that provide a quality and robust educational system that most   international students want to venture and experience it for themselves. To know   more about studying in Australia. Visit this website Study in Australia.

Mates International provides international students an easy pathway for them to   study in Australia, our services are listed below.

Education Services we offer:

Free Counselling & Assessment

Our certified counselors with years of experience are always available to clear your doubts. Students willing to study in Australia can utilize this opportunity to have better understanding regarding which course, college and destination to choose for your study. Students can contact us online or visit our office which is located in various major cities all over Australia, Fiji, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Philippines so that we can provide prompt response to your queries.

*Migration inquiries, however, needs proper assessment so, the consultation regarding migration is only free for limited time.

Inform about the application Process

Our qualified staff are up to date about the changes in application process and are there to brief you about the step by step procedure and requirements to apply for your study.

Assistance in Selection of Programs

We understand how important it is to select the best course of your interest as it is the first step toward achieving your dream career. Having worked closely with numerous education service providers, our experienced staffs have gained ample of knowledge about the programs and colleges available in Australia. We assure to help you select your desirable program in pertinent educational institute.

Pre-Departure and Post arrival

It is obvious to feel anxious about the journey and the life you are going to have in a foreign land. New country, diverse people, different culture, different lifestyle and to cope up with that you are definitely going to need some tips. To calm your anxiety, we give pre-departure sessions to the required students and to make your life easier after you reach your destination, we also provide you post arrival sessions.